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Dreamy Sensations

by Cheeky

Kerry and I were invited to a private get together with both of us having to work, we agreed to meet each other there. I was told that there would be a few of us just meeting up for a cocktail party just for fun.. A party is a party and I am one who doesn’t turn down an invitation.

Work was pretty boring, so I left just that bit earlier, calling Kerry as I left the office to let her know that I would be waiting for her at Mark’s place. Kerry didn’t answer her phone, so I left a message and headed off to start partying.

I arrived at Mark’s place and he was surprised to see me so early, so suggested I go take a bath. He took me upstairs and showed me our room and then proceeded to run a bath for me. I was a bit shocked at his willingness in wanting to stay and help me change and bathe.

Mark is one hell of a guy, great looks, hot personality and he just seemed to be a guy who loved it both ways. So why was I surprised when, Mark slowly helped me out of my clothes? He commented on how gorgeous I was as he did so, I was mystified as to why I was letting him do this to me, but I let him help me out of my shirt, jeans and boxers.

I am not afraid of being with another guy, in fact I really starting to enjoy his company, it was part of a fantasy that I had had for a long time. And now I am living it, here without Kerry...

I encouraged Mark to touch me, feeling his hands on my body, feeling the tingles as his hands slowly touched my cock, gently at first and then faster as my breathing gathered pace. I lent over and kissed Mark, slipping my tongue deep into his mouth as I came in his hand, spilling my white hot creamy cum over Mark’s fingers.

My heart is racing, as I relive my fantasy, Mark leads me into the bathroom and helps me bathe, paying great attention to my testicles, my penis and tight ass.

He helps me out of the bath, drying me before he combs my hair gently, tugging it into place, then another surprise for me, he blindfolded me. I couldn’t see anything and now I wasn’t sure how far I wanted to go with my fantasy, but I remained silent as he took my hand and led me through the house.

My real fantasy begins: Mark leads me into a room and he whispered in my ear to relax and enjoy, the party was for me.

I stand in what I believe to be the middle of the room, everyone is suddenly silent, I sense someone near me, I feel their fingers touching my nipples, teasing the hair surrounding then and a tongue nibbling gently. A tongue lightly flicks my balls and fingers tugging gently on my scrotum as those same fingers caress my growing cock.

Tingling all over, my heart beats faster, and a tongue gently flicks against the tip of my cock, and as if on cue I moan loudly with pleasure. My balls are throbbing with anticipation and then I feel a sensation that I will never forget.

I am laid over a padded bench, my head is supported by a soft pillow, a cock rests on my chin waiting for me to start licking and sucking. My tongue reaches out and licks the tip tasting precum, and I want more. As my mouth slips over that huge cock, I feel a tongue teasing my balls and fingers tickling my hole. I open my mouth to take more of that wonderful hard cock deeper into my mouth and as I do so, a finger slips gently into my tight ass hole.

I moan with pleasure and then everything happened as if in a dream.

Fingers, teasing my ass, one finger at first and then another one gently eased into my tight virgin ass. A hard fat cock pumping in and out of mouth enjoys my teasing him, tickling up and down his shaft, savouring the feel, the taste of having another man’s cock in growing every time I suck him and lick him.

He pumps faster and faster, that finger fucking my ass faster and faster and then I hear him moan as he pumps his white hot creamy stuff down my throat. There is so much cum but I can’t spill a drop.. it is such a yummy taste, salty but nice and I need more.

My cock is stiff, and the fingers up my ass are slowly removed and I feel empty, I need more.. I am lifted off the bench and encouraged to kneel on all fours, someone slides underneath me and my head is pushed gently forward until I smell the sweet smell of Kerry, I smile in my darkness and gently flick her clit with my tongue, sliding my tongue over her pussy and tasting her juices. Kerry licks my cock and I grow harder knowing I am being watched, but then I feel it ever so slightly a tongue gently probing my ass hole,, pushing their tongue into my still tight hole. I hear a moan and then realise it is me, my body is so alive and feels so good. I am hungry for more..

With Kerry working on my cock, my head is lifted up and I feel another man’s presence as Kerry gasps for breath, a cock is filling her tight pussy and I am just a few inches from both pussy and cock. I lean over and lick the cock that is fucking Kerry’s pussy, tasting her juices on his rod, as he slides slowing into her tight hole.

Kerry is licking and sucking my cock and I can feel that wonderful tongue teasing and moistening my tight hole, my cock is throbbing as I continue to lick Kerry’s pussy and the stiff cock now fucking her hard.

The tongue licking my ass stops, I feel a pressure against my hole... With enjoyment there can also be pain and pleasure, that tongue is replaced by a cock gently pressing against my ass.. feeling him breathe on my back as he presses firmly against my tight virgin hole. I gasp as I feel the pain as the head slips in, he stops but only for me to relax, then he slips about an inch of his stiff cock slowly into my ass, it is like a dream, everything is moving in slow motion.. He grasps my hips and pulls me to him, my ass sliding over the entire length of his rock hard cock..

He gave me a second to adjust to his size, then he started moving, fucking my tight hole in a matter of urgency.

I continue to lick that cock sliding deep into Kerry’s pussy. Kerry continued to suck my cock as it grew stiffer and stiffer as inch by inch as the cock in my ass fucked me harder and harder. We relaxed for a second he then grabbed my hips and pushes his cock all the way into my ass again and again. I feel his balls slapping against mine, a mouth sucking my cock and I taste Kerry’s juices as her pussy squirts cum all over my face. Kerry feels my cock throbbing deep in her mouth and she moans in pleasure as my cum fills her mouth.

One guy is pounding Kerry and the other is pounding me, Kerry is tickling my cock with her tongue as both guys moan together and pull their cocks out of our tight holes. The guy who was fucking my ass, explodes over my back while the guy fucking Kerry came over both of us. This was just too much, I came again with Kerry drinking down another load. Kerry just kept sucking, helping me experience more pleasure and pain.

Slowly we disentangled, Mark removed my blindfold - I looked at Kerry smiling.. what a party but the night wasn’t over.

Kerry and I went up to our room to clean ourselves up. Kerry ran a bath and we both climbed in. Kerry sat on me and looked deep into my eyes

You know how you told me about your fantasy to have another guy? she asked..

Yeah, I said smiling remembering just a few minutes before sucking my first cock and my virgin ass being taken by a somewhat large hard rod..

Well, the night is still young and there will be surprise for you before the end of the night, she replied laughing.. Mark told me that there will be five guys and three girls at this party and we are going to have a lot of fun cause you are the main attraction..

With that, she sank onto my hard cock, which had grown in anticipation.

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