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Hot Photoshoot

by Cheeky

Sean and I organised a photo shoot for our hot website and I remember how you popped in and at the last minute a single soft-core photo shoot of me turned into a hardcore action shoot with you and me with Sean clicking madly away in the background. Hmm well that was until he joined in too.

To settle you in, I took you into my bedroom and you were amazed at how lit up the room was and warm. Hell, I thought that the lights were real scorchers, so I encouraged you to remove all you clothes. While I organised the bed, you slowly took your clothes off, you didnít realise that I was taking in your every move. As you remove your pants, you played with you cock at the same time, I noticed you teasing your balls, tickling them ever so gently and tugging them down as your cock rose to attention.

With the bed ready I invited you to join me on the bed. I know how nervous you are so with you next to me on the bed; I mention that perhaps we should masturbate ourselves first before fucking our brains out. With that in mind, you smiled and grew harder.

With you lying next to you, my toys are out and you eye my vibrators and dildos with the look of a horny man. As you play with your balls and growing cock, my pussy moistens as my fingers brush gently against my pussy hairs, and hardening clit. Nothing is said, while we masturbate ourselves, ours eyes watching as we play.

Leaning over, I pick my purple vibrator, turning the knob and rested the vibrating head against my juicy pussy. Leaning over you kiss my nipple, teasing it with your tongue your hand grasps your hot cock harder, your precum acting as lubrication as your hand pumps the shaft of your hot member.

Sucking on my nipples, I slide the purple vibrator into my hot pussy, slowly moving it in and out as my nipples tingle with the soft sensations. I breathe heavier as my pussy starts to throb, reaching between my legs feeling my juices flowing as I gently climax.

Your fingers stop and pick up my black dildo and slowly insert the head into my hot pussy, as I hold the vibrator against my clit. Slowly at first you pump my pussy in time with you pumping your cock, faster and faster your pump, harder and harder until you are pounding my hot cunt with that black dildo.

The vibration against my clit with you pumping has me exploding once again, with my heart pounding you lean back with a smile on your face and know what will happen next. This is going to be one hell of a photo shoot. I heard Sean in the background clicking away, frame after frame and every now and again another noise, telling me that he was taking some video too.

With Sean taking the photos, I encouraged you to lie so he could see what I was doing. I wanted to go down on you, with the camera there, I needed to be facing Sean and you away from him. I knelt between your legs and with my hands gently massage your cock, I tease your balls - wow this wasnít in the script - but I loved hearing you moan with pleasure. My mouth moistens as it anticipates slipping over your hot cock deep into my warm mouth. My tongue teases the purple head of your hard penis, thick with blood and throbbing as I suck you deep into my mouth. Tickling you, teasing you, pleasing you. My mouth pumps your cock deeper and deeper down my throat.

I looked up and Sean is standing there above you in the nude. It was hot with those lights on and he had to be cool and comfortable, what happened next was incredible to watch, you lifted your hand and played gently with his cock, tugging lightly and playing with his scrotum. At the same time the camera was still clicking away at what I was doing to you and with what you were doing to him.

Watching you play with Sean was making me so hot; I just had to have my pussy filled with your cock, but not yet. This photo shoot was going to be one of our best.

With my mouth around your cock, my fingers tickled between your legs and massage your scrotum, before finding your tight ass hole. As you play with Sean, I massage around the outside of your ass, where it is very sensitive to my touch. I use my long nails to rub gently causing you to moan with the pleasure.

I want you to enjoy the pleasure that you experience as I play with you. Reaching over I grab a rubber glove and put it on my left hand. Grabbing some lube, I lube up one finger and still teasing and massaging your ass, my finger slowly slips deep into your ass. Gently, but firmly my finger fucks you as I reach under playing with your balls.

At this point, Sean is almost kneeling on the bed, he is not just taking pics of me sucking you, he points the camera towards his cock and takes some awesome photos of his cock sinking into your mouth. As I play with you, your mouth works his cock harder and harder. Sean has the video playing too so these photos will be wild and ever so horny.

Sean has never had his cock sucked by another guy before. Heís always wondered what it would be like but never has the opportunity cause most of the guys that we use in photo shoots never had the urge to just touch or suck another cock.

Sean changed positions and got onto the bed with us, camera in hand. He lay on the bed and I moved so you could kneel between his legs. I took the camera from Sean and started clicking away. These photos were going to be awesome. To get a better view I sat on Seanís face. I wanted to share him at the same time as you sucked his cock dry.

With me positioned over Seanís face, I felt his tongue tickling my pussy as you licked his cock up and down his hot cock. I wanted some really different pics of you guys, so I put the camera down on the bedside table and set the digital video camera up - so it was aimed at the bed.

Sean was moaning and I knew it wouldn't be long before he was pumping his cum every where, but I wanted this to be a bit different.

You guys were so horny, I notice you whisper to Sean that you wanted his legs up over your shoulders, he obliged with a grin on his face. You grabbed the lube and squeezed and coated your finger, your cock and his hole with lube. First you slipped your finger deep into his hole, gently moving in and out. Sean was breathing deep and with every movement, his cock grew harder and harder.

With the video on, you slowly push the head of your cock into Seanís tight virgin hole. Heís never been with another man before, let alone a cock up his ass.

Sean is comfortable with the size of your cock and you start to push gently at first at that moment, I had grabbed my purple vibrator off the bed and was easing it gently into your ass. Pushing against your tight hole, until the knob gently slides in, you moan once again, your cock growing harder and you pushing deeper into Sean as I slowly move the vibrator in and out of your tight ass hole.

With my purple vibrator deep in your ass, I move to the side of both of you so the video has us all in the picture. I grab Seanís cock and tease it, playing with it pumping my hand up and down as you pound his ass. With my left hand I pump Seanís cock, with my right I am fucking you with my vibrator.

As I push the vibrator deeper and deeper, youíre thrusting into Seanís tight hole gets harder and harder. Seanís cock is throbbing and your moans get louder and louder. Sean let out a cry of pleasure as his cum explodes out of his cock over his stomach within seconds, you pulled you cock out of Seanís ass and your cum joined his, squirting hard, you had dropped your load of white hot creamy cum.

I slowly removed the vibrator from your ass, and got off the bed to turn the video off. I lay on the bed between you both and we talked about what had happened.

We all agreed that it was now shower time and then time to do another photo shoot. I wanted both of you, one up my ass and one in my pussy, but thatís another story...

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