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Steamy Day Off

by Cheeky

Here it is Monday and it’s a day almost like all other days except I’m home alone. Mary my wife had left for work early and I was left wondering how to fill in the hours before she got home. I had managed to do all the chores she had left me being as it was my day off so I decided to put on a movie.

I love watching our hardcore XXX videos, so I stuck an old one in the VCR. On the screen in front of me were two guys playing with themselves, one was really going to town on his own cock, sucking it deep into his mouth, and I really wished I could do just that. I’d love to suck a hard cock with that I was rubbing the head of my cock through my jeans when I heard the front door bell. Damn that bell was loud when you didn’t want to hear it.

I grabbed for the remote as I heard the front door open. With the volume turned up load the sounds of pleasure were coming out of the speakers as I heard a voice yell “Hey Steve, Man are you home?” Who was this guy? I didn’t recognise his voice but I certainly jumped up to see who the hell was coming through my front door.

To my surprise I found Jeff, a guy who works with my wife, he is a horny bisexual who tells my wife about his sexual encounters and Mary and I both get off on his stories with two guys sucking each other off before fucking madly.

Lisa had told Jeff that we had a new DVD player and suggested that Jeff head over to our place and give me a hand being as I had the day off.

Yep we had bought this wonderful DVD player and with the great stereo system we have it would be wonderful and it the DVD was certainly going to be well worth it. I really did need a hand to set it up - thank goodness my wife found someone who knows what they are doing. I told Jeff that I really could do with a hand and it would be very much appreciated. Jeff looked at me and smiled.

Jeff hit the eject button the VCR and out popped the video I had just started watching, he smiled when he saw the label and said “Hey this must have been what I heard as I came in the front door, sounded like you were going to town on a friend, it sounded so real”. “Are you sure you need this surround sound system? The sound from this VCR and speakers is awesome”.

“Oh yeah, I said, I love the sound that goes with a great fuck session - love to hear everything”.

I also admitted to him that I do enjoy watching pornos a lot and that he was welcome to join us anytime when we do. Jeff told me that Mary had already told him about our small collection of videos and he was prepared to bring his video camera with him next time to take some real footage… What Mary hadn’t told him was that she had her own private stash of bisexual videos that she loved to watch privately. These consisted of gay and lesbian videos and a couple where there were two guys and a girl involved in some pretty heavy sexual encounters. This video got played a lot and I know Mary has always had this fantasy of being the girl with two guys.

Jeff was working away putting the system together, everything was wired for “sound” so to speak and I was really looking forward to trying this out later that evening. I had to go out and buy a DVD cause I hadn’t had a chance to yet. That was next on my list of things to do.

Jeff must have read my mind cause he asked if I had a DVD to try it out, so I told him that I hadn’t cause I really hadn’t expected to have this up and running today, it was on my list of things to do, so I hadn’t had time to go out and get one yet.

Jeff said, “Never mind, give me about 30 seconds”.

He rushed back in laughing, “I knew I had one in the car somewhere”.

Jeff put the DVD in and hit play. I didn’t see what it was so I was expecting a James Bond movie - like Gold Finger or something along those lines. With the stereo hooked up to the DVD, what I could hear first were the moans coming from the speakers. Wow this was great, it was a porno, and very similar to the one I had been watching before Jeff arrived.

The system sounded real good - and sitting on the couch the sounds were perfect. Jeff had optimised the stereo and DVD to give the best effect for where we were most comfortable. The video came on with a petite blonde riding a black guys hard rod. He was so stiff it was like she was moving up and down on a stiff pole.

My first impression was that Jeff was normal; he does watch normal XXX videos. With him sitting on one end of the sofa and me at the other end, he got comfortable as the movie started and with him doing this I suddenly noticed that the porno he has put on involved two guys and a girl. Hey this was hot. I’ve always wanted to be in a threesome and Mary was the only one that knew….

Well I thought Mary was the only one that knew…

I was getting pretty horny sitting here watching this cute babe get fucked by this dude, then his mate crawled onto the bed beside them and started licking the first guys balls and his hot cock as it pounded her pussy. This movie was pretty hot and I could feel my cock stirring in my pants.

I looked over at Jeff, his hand was inside his trousers playing with what appeared to be an oversized sausage growing as he watched the scene on the screen and the erotic noises coming from the speakers was turning us both on by the look of it.

Jeff smiled at me, as he noticed me watching him play with his hardened member, his eyes shifting back to the screen as the both the petite blonde and the black guys mate went to town on his stiff dick. Both were licking and sucking as they took it in turns to deep throat his hard black cock.

I was wondering if Jeff knew how turned on I was by what I was seeing, even though Mary had her fantasy of being the girl with two guys, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to suck a guys cock deep into my mouth, tasting the pre-cum as I deep throated it.

I was clearly aroused and it seemed as if on cue, both Jeff and I unzipped our trousers and got our hard cocks out, not even bothering to ask if either of us minded. I glanced over to see how hard he was and I instantly blushed. Jeff was about eight inches in length and I could see the pre-cum already forming on his still growing hot cock.

Jeff caught me looking over at him and smiled. I didn’t say anything, I just got up and moved over closer to him so I could touch his penis - hell I was horny and I needed to know what being with another man would be like.

In the back of my mind I knew that Mary wanted to be here too, but this was too good an opportunity to pass up and my cock was aching for some attention.

Jeff asked me if I had ever been with another man before, I told him no, but I would really love to be. I reached over and touched his cock. I could feel the warmth rising up to meet my hand as I wrapped it around the shaft. It felt smooth and soft to touch but hard and stiff ready for some heavy action.

With me playing with his cock, Jeff told me that Mary had already told him of her fantasy and also that she knew that I had been watching her gay videos that she had stashed away in her wardrobe so if this was the right time to live my own fantasy then I should do it.

I looked at Jeff and then looked back down at his cock, it looked inviting, so I leant over and kissed the head. I got to taste his pre-cum and I slowly moved my mouth so that it was over the head of his cock and I closed my lips around it. Jeff moaned as I licked the head and tasted more of his juices.

As I was about to take in more of his rod, Mary suddenly appeared in the lounge with a smile on her face. Here I was caught red handed so to speak with a cock between my teeth…

I looked up at her and was about to move away from Jeff, but she told me to continue doing what I was doing. She wanted to see me with another guy as well…

With Lisa sitting in her favourite chair, I looked over at her and she just smiled as I took all of Jeff’s eight inches deep into my throat. Jeff reached over and grabbed my cock through my pants and all I could do was moan.. He asked me if I liked it and squeezed my cock again… I moaned again because I didn’t want to take my mouth of his warm thick cock.

I could here Mary breathing heavily as I went to town on Jeff’s cock and she suddenly stood up and said, “Let’s move to the bedroom”, I want to see Jeff suck your cock too and I want to play with the both of you”.

Jeff and I got up and headed into the bedroom, Jeff stripped off and both Mary and I looked hungrily at his completely shaven body. There wasn’t a hair to be seen, except on his head and eyebrows.

With all of us naked, Jeff took control telling Mary and I to lay on the bed with her head at my feet but next to each other. Jeff straddled Mary’s face so that she could suck his hard cock, my cock well it was waiting for some attention too. I watched Mary suck his cock deep into her mouth like I had been doing when she walked in on us. Jeff then ran his hands over my body, he gently played with my balls and with my cock standing to attention, he rubbed it gently between his fingers and pumped it slowly until a drop of pre-cum had formed on the tip. Jeff leaned over and took the whole of my cock into his warm mouth.

My first thought was not to cum yet…. I knew he wouldn’t let me cause he knew we all wanted this to last a bit longer than a blowjob.

As he sucked my cock, his fingers were playing with my tight ass. I was worried that he would slip his hard cock in before I had a chance to get used something large up my tight anal passage. Mary loves tickling my ass, but only with the tip of her finger.

Jeff removed his cock from Mary’s mouth and told her to move up onto the bed so that I could lick her pussy while he played with me from behind. I got up and moved between her legs. Mary’s pussy is so sweet, her juices taste like honey and I was so horny that I wanted everything.

Jeff found the lube in the bathroom; he stood behind me and played with my hard cock, which grew another inch or so as he played with me. He tickled my ass, slipping his finger all the way in and with Mary’s pussy at my mouth; all I could do was moan loudly… It felt so good to have my ass played with as he fondled my balls and hot prick.

He urged me to get between Mary’s legs, with her legs over my shoulders and me leaning over her, my ass was exposed…

I pushed my cock deep into her pussy… then I felt Jeff behind me. He pressed his cock to my tight hole and told me to relax, as he pushed the head of his cock into my virgin ass. Mary and I were looking deep into each other’s eyes which made me relax long enough for Jeff to push deeper until the whole of his cock was buried deep and I could feel the fullness of his cock.

With me fucking Mary’s pussy and Jeff pumping his cock into my ass, we moved together as one. Mary screamed out that she was cumming just as I felt my cock explode filling her full of my hot juices; just as Jeff’s cock throbbed so hard it felt like he grew again…. With us all breathing hard, Jeff pulled his cock out of my ass and removed the condom he had put on before fucking me… and pumped his hot cum over us both....

He stood before us grinning from ear to ear knowing that we had all fulfilled our own fantasies…

He couldn’t wait for our next time together, but this time I would get to have his ass….

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