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Threesomes Are Fun - But Moresomes Can Be Interesting

by Cheeky

Terry and Lou was a horny couple who were always after a fun time. This being Friday night they were on a bus heading into town. The weather was balmy and quite warm, so it was no surprise that Terrie was wearing a halter top, and short black skirt, her hair was tied back so that it didn't blow across her face and she wore her flat black sandals so that her feet were comfortable when strolling around town.

They sat at the back of the bus, cuddling and kissing their way into town. Suddenly there was a guy sitting next to them. Terry looked at him and smiled, Lou leant across Terry and shook hands. This guy was a friend of Lou's, he had gone to school with him and boy he sure was cute. Terry and Lou looked at each other and invited him to tag along. Lou pulled Terry to him and continued kissing her, touching her breasts through her blouse, while Lou's mate Sam looked on admiring the two lovers.

Sam couldn't hold back much longer, this scene was getting him really horny and his cock was straining inside his shorts.

He reached over, touching Terry on the leg; she didn't resist and certainly didn't pull away. She moaned as the two guys touched her. Sam touched her arm gently, before moving his hand find her right breast massaging it gently through her halter-top.

Lou stopped kissing Terry and looked at Sam, as his hand squeezed Terry's tit, and his mouth kissed the back of Terry's neck. Lou took Sam's hand and undid Terry's top, dropping it down so that Sam could feel her breast, her erect nipple.

Lou pushed Terry back against the seat, as his hand moved up under her skirt and found her pussy dripping with anticipation. The guys new that they were safe on the bus cause there were no one else riding this bus tonight. The driver would look in his rear vision mirror every now again, but he didn't object to what he was seeing.

Terry lay back against the seat, her legs spread wide with Lou's fingers playing in her honey pot. Sam stood up beside her and pulled his shorts down revealing a well-hung massive cock. Her pussy flooded the back seat and Lou moaned as Sam pushed his cock down Terry's throat. His cock was huge and thick. Lou got down on the floor kneeling between Terry's legs, his tongue finding her clit as she sucked Sam's fat cock.

Lou wanted more, he was hot and his cock grew to almost exploding point, he told Sam to sit up on the back seat so Terry could suck him while he explored her hot juicy cunt with his hard rod. Sam didn't have to be asked twice and Terry, knelt down on the floor and took Sam's trusty tool between her lips, sucking him long and hard. His cock filled her mouth, but she wasn't going to let it get away from her. Lou knelt behind her feeling her pussy with his hands, before pushing at her pussy lips from behind. He gently pushed his cock deep into her pussy; with his hands on her hips he pulled her to him. Lou fucked her pussy with long hard thrusts; Terry's pussy was on fire as Lou pounded into her and Sam's cock forced it's way between her lips… Her screams of pleasure were muffled as she came.

Sam leant over Terry, and pulled Lou to him. Lou was a bit taken back when Sam planted a kiss on his lips. Lou pulled back for a second, his actions almost stopped but Terry was still pushing back onto his cock. Sam smiled at him and kissed him once more. This time Lou didn't stop, he was horny and hot and it didn't matter who gave fulfilled his pleasure tonight.

Lou's fucking slowed while they kissed and when Sam pulled away, Lou told them it was time to change positions. He lay on the back seat; Terry kneeled so her pussy was over his face. Sam's hand brushed lightly against Lou's cock before he held it, his fingers wrapped around it he gently stroked it. Sam knew that Lou was turned on by what he was doing so he stroked harder, when he saw the little drop of pre-cum forming from the eye of his cock, he bent over and took Lou's cock into his mouth. He sucked him in deep when he heard Lou's first sign of enjoyment of what he was doing to him. Slowly he moved his mouth up and down, Terry was watching at the same time her hands were on her breasts as Lou licked her and Sam sucked Lou.

What they didn't realize was the bus driver was watching and had turned the interior lights out and was just driving them around while they performed almost just for him.

The three friends in the backseat had no idea that they were being watched and I'm sure they wouldn't have minded if they knew.

Lou was having trouble holding back, he was licking Terry ferociously with the flat of his tongue and Sam was performing the hottest deep throat known to man. Sam sucked Lou's cock in his mouth in complete suction before loosening off and sliding his mouth back up and over the head flicking it with his tongue, before diving back down over his cock. It was a shame there was a video being made so the three could relive it later on.

This time Sam stopped and told them it was time to change positions. He had terry lie on the back seat, Lou was told to fuck her pussy.

Terry lay down resting one foot on the seat in front of them and the other up over the back of the seat, Lou knelt between her legs and sunk his cock into her hot juicy pussy. Terry cried out as he fucked her tight cunt. Sam sat back in the corner of the back seat watching Lou fuck Terry. He had his cock out and was pumping it getting it nice and hard. Suddenly he was kneeling behind Lou, his hands caressing Lou's ass cheeks as they tightened with every thrust.

Sam's hands played with his balls before his finger found Lou's tight puckered brown hole. Lou's eyes widened in shock as Sam slipped his finger into his tight hole. It didn't take long for him to get used to the invasion of his private hole. He pushed back onto Sam's finger harder and harder every time he pounded Terry's pussy.

Sam withdrew his finger and replaced his finger with his cock. First he rubbed his cock between his cheeks before poking the head against Lou's backdoor. He put his palm in the middle of Lou's back pressing him forward so he was leaning gently over Terry, as he inserted the head of his penis into Lou's tight virgin hole. Lou almost stopped as Sam pushed his cock all the way into his hot hole. Lou cried out with the pleasure and the pain of Sam's cock sinking deep into his anus. Within seconds Lou begged Sam to fuck him harder, which is exactly what happened. Lou was fucking Terry harder too and she couldn't hold of her wild orgasm as she watched her man being fucked by his best mate.

The bus driver couldn't hold off any longer either, he had pulled the bus over and was up the back of the bus watching the three enjoying their fuck session, but he wanted to be a part of it, he had his cock out ready and stood beside Lou, pulling his head down to his cock. He pushed his thick black cock between Lou's lips; Lou almost swallowed him whole as he enjoyed tasting the pre-cum from this guy's cock. He sucked it for all he was worth with Terry thrusting her hips up to meet his cock, Sam was fucking him harder and harder as they all got close to cumming.

Terry was the first to let go, her screams may have been heard miles away had the doors of the bus been open, Lou cried out too flooding Terry's pussy with his gusher of hot cum, Sam pulled out of his ass, removing his condom, pumping his cock hard has he came over Lou's butt cheeks. The bus driver couldn't hold off either, he removed his cock from Lou's mouth, he too pumped his cock hard but this time he sent a fine stream of jizz across Terry's tits, before he rubbed the head of his cock across her nipples enjoying the sensations that tingled through his still hard penis.

He headed back to the front of the bus bringing back a couple of clothes so they could clean themselves off. He told them that he was about to come of duty, so if they wanted to head over to his place for some more fun they were more than welcome. They all looked at each other, smiled and then agreed that another session would be great somewhere more comfortable than in the back of a bus.

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