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Under the Mistletoe

by Cheeky of ahookers-pornlist.com, courtesy of ThreePillows.com and Bisexual.com

Last month in my article I shared the start of a story called Under The Mistletoe. I have finished that story and now you can read it here… I also mentioned something about - Hmm trimmings? Does James mean rimming, or does the plum pudding cum with whipped cream?

James stood under the mistletoe hoping that his favourite couple would soon walk through the door. He hung it just right so that not just one person could fit under it with him but two together so he was able to enjoy them both.

Sally and Chris; are a couple he met through one of the dating services online. He was usually a little wary of these hyped up types of services but having not spent quality time with anyone for months he was in need of some form of friendship. It just happened that they responded to his personal ad and when he found out that Chris was bi it was an added bonus.

After several days of talking non-stop and a dinner date, the three of them seemed to hit it off really well.

James is a good looking guy, with a bronzed Aussie tan and one of his wishes was to appear in a photos that might eventually end up in a site called Adult Bisexual or something like that. Sally and Chris were lovers of the gym. They loved working out and when they met James they thought their dreams had come true. Chris had always wanted to meet another bisexual guy that Sally was happy with too so that if they chose to live in a polyamorous relationship they would both be ok with it.

Christmas was only weeks away from their first meeting and by the time they had spent a few nights together James agreed to organise the perfect seafood Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. With everything ready including three pillows on his king size bed for later, he stood under the mistletoe waiting for Sally and Chris to walk in the door…

With his heart beating fast, he heard a car pull up out the front. It was almost as if time stood still as he waited for them to walk up to the front door and into the house. In his mind he was thinking, 'we are together at last'. Being together meant that they are able to enjoy the friendship, sex, love life and each other with everyone being happy with the lifestyle.

Of course it would take a little time for them to adjust but because they felt so close and were getting on well together, their time together will be spent well.

As they walked through the door, their faces were bright with their smiles of delight especially when they saw who was standing under the mistletoe waiting for both of them. With a huge smile on his face he knew they would come running to him so he wasn't budging an inch from under the mistletoe.

It was almost as if one que Chris and Sally skipped through the house to where he was standing. They stood on either side of him and they enjoyed a sensual three way kiss. James was all giggly standing there kissing them especially since both of them had hold of his bulge in his pants.

With the seafood on ice, the champagne and other drinks chilling away nicely and the salads already prepared… Sally begged James to show them where they were going to be sleeping so they could unpack and place the presents under the Christmas tree.

He wasn't disappointed at all. They were very nice people… His heart raced as he showed them into the bedroom that he had set up. One huge king size bed with three pillows….

Sally and Chris turned to look at him when they noticed the pillows on the bed. He thought perhaps he had made the wrong decision, but when they both smiled at him and Chris was the first to break the silence about a bisexual moment together.

"Well, James… I'm impressed. I'm sure we will get along just fine during our stay especially since we are both adult bisexuals and Sally loves playing with two guys!"

Before James had a chance to respond, Sally grabbed his hand and pulled him down onto the bed on top of her. She held him there and kissed him, thanking him for inviting them to stay for Christmas. Sally looked up and giggled which made James turn his head to see what James was up to…

He stood there, naked with a piece of mistletoe hanging from above his cock.

"Who wants to kiss me under the mistletoe?"

James climbed off Sally and between them they managed to kneel down on the floor and began kissing Chris' cock under the mistletoe. Sally held Chris' cock ever so carefully so that James could lick the head while she stroked her partner.

Sally and James enjoyed Chris' cock immensely but Chris wanted more. He pulled away with Sally moving swiftly onto the bed, leaning back into the three pillows. Sally quickly removed her clothes while Chris helped James out of his. In the heat of the moment, Chris pushed James down onto the bed, his face close to Sally's hot pussy. He could smell her sex, a musky feminine aroma…

With her legs spread wide he licked her juicy pussy with the tip of his tongue. Her juices covered his mouth, as he pushed his tongue inside her. As he breathed in her sensual aroma his cock grew hard under him.

Then he felt Chris. Chris slipped his hand under him, found his throbbing cock, holding it firmly in his hand. Sally held him firmly in place, making him lick her clit and pleasure her like they had spoken about before. Jamie didn't argue or even try to pull away. This was his special moment…

James could feel his temperature start to rise as his blood flowed through his body and the adrenalin kicked in. He felt Chris' firm but gentle hands stroking his hard cock… as Chris stroked, James licked Sally's juicy pussy.

Chris convinced James to kneel on all fours on the bed. His face was still buried in Sally's hot pussy, his tongue working its magic on her clit and velvety folds.

Chris licked up and down between the James' ass cheeks. His tongue lingered for a few moments on his puckered hole… he could feel Chris pressing it into him… he hoped, that Chris would fuck him before the end of the weekend, but this was awesome.

For a moment James couldn't sense where Chris was, until he felt him sliding a condom over his cock. He felt him slide under him, his mouth and tongue worked on his balls. He could feel his sperm building up inside him, bubbling away in his ball sack. James wanted to cum, but at the same time he wanted to hold off as long as he could.

James could feel his cock hitting against Chris' tonsils.

He was desperately trying to pleasure Sally at the same time, but it became almost all too much for him when Chris slipped a first one finger then another into his tight ass.

The sensations were incredible, he still managed to click her clit with his tongue just as he felt his own orgasm taking affect. From his balls to his ass where Chris' fingers played with his erogenous zones, the feeling was mind-blowing. He licked Sally as fast as he could as he came. Chris clung onto his cock with his mouth, sucking for all he was worth until he milked him dry…

Chris slipped the condom from James' cock and rolled it in a tissue and threw it in the small bin next to the bed.

The three of them collapsed onto the bed, they each claimed one of the three pillows… Chris had a huge smile on his face as he lay between James and Sally and his voice was a little husky…

"Mate, next time I get to fuck your ass, and you can suck my cock!"

They lay together and enjoyed the moment before it was time to sit back and enjoy a meal of seafood including a few oysters….

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