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Our Terms in a Nutshell:
  • Paying True 50% Recurring (All CCBill fees come out of our portion) or $30 to $35 per sign-up.
  • Paying 5% Tier 2 Webmaster Referral Bonus.
  • Absolutely No Spamming Allowed.

What is BiBucks.com?: BiBucks.com is the affiliate program for the net's oldest, and most well-known bisexual erotica site, Three Pillows® (www.threepillows.com). Three Pillows® was the net's first major bisexual erotica site and has fantastic brand recognition among bisexual and bicurious surfers. BiBucks.com is our affiliate program. Our affiliates include both adult website operators and mainstream bisexual website operators.

Latest Site News:

6-Dec-2006: Now with Free Hosted Galleries (FHG)! Today we added 400 FHGs and a system to import the data into TGP programs. Log into the CCBill Affiliate System and click on "Banners" (yes, "Banners") > "Free Hosted Galleries" to download.

19-Sep-2006: Thirty-six new banners uploaded today! See the banners page here.

16-Sep-2006: Twenty new content sets released for affiliates (all pictures at this time, videos to follow soon). High quality content to impress the surfers! It is all 740 x 473 px ( >1200 px total ) to meet the new rules at GreenGuy's Link-o-rama and elsewhere. Log into the CCBill Affiliate System and click on click on "Banners" (yes, "Banners") > "Downloadable Content" to download.

Our Site:
Three Pillows®

Note: If you signed up as an affiliate when we were known as the "Three Pillows® Affiliate Program" then you DO NOT need to sign up again, now that we are called "Bi Bucks". You are a current affiliate and can promote Three Pillows®, with your Three Pillows® affiliate number. All that has changed with the start-up of BiBucks.com is the name of our affiliate program - our account with CCBill is the same as always.

We proudly use CCBill, a name you can trust, to manage our affiliate program. We provide you with direct access to your stats through CCBill's own interface so you can have 100% confidence that all your sales are being tracked and reported and there are no shenanigans as with some sponsor programs.

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